Breaking Through the Deferred Maintenance Backlog

Solutions to Save Time and Money with AAF Internet of Things (IOT)

In their search for solutions to the challenges of deferred maintenance, some Facility Managers have turned to Building Management Systems (BMS) for answers. These computer-controlled systems run a building’s mechanical and electrical equipment, including resources like heat pumps and lighting systems

The intent behind BMS systems was to make it easier for Facility Managers to control settings – one less thing to worry about. However, there are several drawbacks to reliance on a BMS.

A more recent solution to the challenges of deferred maintenance and reactive management is the Internet of Things (IoT), machine-to-machine connection and communication that leverages data collected from wireless devices, such as sensors.

Sensors are cloud-based and gather real-time data. They can distinguish between different acoustics, detect motion, or measure particulate matter (PM) levels. This granular and targeted insight, including identifying devices that are about to fail, is the enormous value that the IoT provides, and what Facility Managers so badly need. This insight allows FM’s to micro-target operational efficiency opportunities that provide immediate and measurable impact.

Without intelligent data, Facility Managers are drowning in data while at the same time starving for knowledge. Intelligent data acts as a life preserver that pulls them out of the hole of deferred maintenance. Optimising the right system can have a ripple effect throughout the facility and reduce the deferred maintenance backlog.

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