Air filtration Solutions (IAQ) for Schools & Universities

A healthy and comfortable environment is essential for optimal learning success

Quality air filtration in schools and universities is very imporant. The health and comfort of students and teachers are among the many factors that contribute to learning and productivity in the classroom, which in turn affect performance and achievement.

In addition, failure to respond promptly and effectively to poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in schools can lead to an increase in long-term health problems, costly repairs, and potential liability problems. AAF offers the best air filter solution for schools and universities.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is a primary concern for both schools and universities, due in part to the age and overall condition of a number of educational buildings.

The European Commission reports, In Europe, more than 64 million students and almost 4.5 million teachers spend many hours each school day inside pre-primary, primary and secondary schools. Children spend more time in school than in any other place except home. 

  • Moulds, spores, pollens 
  • Carbon monoxide, radon, volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Viruses, bacteria and by-products
  • Vehicle engine exhaust, exhaust from industrial plants
  • Asbestos, clays, elemental particles and man-made fibres


Quality air filtration system design, operation and maintenance are critical for providing clean and healthy IAQ in schools. Properly functioning filtration systems clean the air of dirt, dust, pollen, dander, fibres, control odours and reduce the pollutants that cause most IAQ problems inside school buildings. In addition to improving occupant health and performance, regular HVAC maintenance also saves energy.

The air filtration solutions we recommend for schools and universities are:

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Air Filtration Solutions for Schools & Universities

DriPak NX / NX+ bag filter

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DriPak® NX / NX+

This air filter can be used for a wide variety of applications, ranging from final filtration for office buildings to pre-filtration for sensitive processes.

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VariCel V XLE compact / box filter

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VariCel ® VXLE

The VariCel VXLE compact filter is designed to provide excellent performance and high energy savings for both industrial and commercial HVAC installations.

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