Gasphase Filtration Solutions for Wasterwater Treatment

Plants Odor and corrosion control to efficiently protect employees and equipment

Our team of highly skilled gas-phase professionals, combined with extensive particulate filtration experience and air pollution control expertise, makes AAF International uniquely qualified to design total system solutions for your wastewater treatment facility. We specialize in the elimination of malodorous gases; protection of electronics from corrosion and particulates to prevent failures and downtime; and protection of air compressors from corrosion and particulates to ensure proper functioning.

Industrial wastewater treatment generates odors that can be strong, persistent, and a nuisance to employees, residents, businesses, and industries located near the wastewater treatment plant. Strong odors develop at several areas within a wastewater treatment facility, such as headworks, primary clarifiers, pump stations, and sewage sludge areas.

Nuisance odors often emerge from the following sources:

  • Combined sewer overflow (BTEX, TCE, and other VOCs)
  • Industrial sewage (benzene, industrial chemical effluents such as amines, and other VOCs)
  • Residential sewage (ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and mercaptans)

Not only is hydrogen sulfide potentially dangerous at high concentrations, but electronic corrosion at these plants can occur when corrosive, acidic gases attack sensitive computer controls and other critical electronics that affect the reliability of plant processes. 

If not controlled, corrosion leads to:

  • Blocked currents 
  • Brittle connection points 
  • Overheated systems 
  • Costly repairs 
  • Failed boards 
  • Plant downtime
  • Reduced production efficiency in compressed air systems and increased maintenance costs


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