VisionAir Clean optimizes cleanroom solution design

Easily build clean environments from the ground up

The new VisionAirTM Clean software represents a breakthrough in design and configuration of air filtration systems in clean environments. Form meets function in this new offering from AAF, as VisionAir Clean allows users to:

  • Design and build multiple-room clean environments.
  • View 3D renderings of your virtual designs & configurations.
  • Obtain Revit files and technical drawings.
  • Perform total cost of ownership (TCO) calculations on the entire air filtration system.
  • Generate reports on recovery time and air change rate optimization.


The most significant cost normally affecting Total Cost of Ownership is energy.

However, other costs, such as the filter itself, installation, disposal, freight, procurement, overhead, storage, and filter effectiveness in maintaining clean coils and ductwork to prevent ancillary maintenance costs, should also be considered in any total cost analysis.

The overall TCO includes direct and indirect expenses, as well as intangible ones that can have monetary values assigned to them. VisionAir Clean with TCO Diagnostic accounts for all of these relevant variables while providing the most effective solution for your specific facility and needs.


Contact us to learn more on how VisionAir Clean can help you to build your cleanroom environment.

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