TCO Diagnostic® is optimizing your IAQ related total cost of ownership

Locally Optimised Filtration Analysis

The purpose of TCO Diagnostic® is to assist you in selecting the best filters for your air handling systems and to understand their sensitivity to your operating conditions, in order to operate your system in the most optimal and effective manner. TCO Diagnostic provides the insight to identify improvement opportunities, find the optimised options and tailor to your specific needs for a comprehensive purchase perspective– improving air quality, energy savings, and operational flexibility while reducing total cost of ownership. Working with application specialists with verifiable filter performance analysis who use this new tool reveals the most effective way to improve productivity, lower expenses and decrease risk.

Most Advanced Analytical Software in the Filtration Industry

  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) diagnostic analysis performed on your HVAC systems to identify financial opportunities and optimise time and expense
  • The most complete database of independent test reports on manufacturers' filters
  • Analyses up to 4 stages of filtration - current system and up to 3 optional systems
  • Depicts the relative annual costs, by stage, for filters, energy and labour
  • Dynamically adjusts to view values for total cost, energy cost and filter cost change
  • Documents potential energy savings that may qualify for tax credits or rebates
  • Generates written reports clearly illustrating the assumptions used and the calculated savings


The most significant cost normally affecting Total Cost of Filter Ownership is energy.

However, other costs, such as the filter itself, installation, disposal, freight, procurement, overhead, storage, and filter effectiveness in maintaining clean coils and ductwork to prevent ancillary maintenance costs, should also be considered in any total cost analysis.

The overall TCO includes direct and indirect expenses, as well as intangible ones that can have monetary values assigned to them. TCO Diagnostic accounts for all of these relevant variables while providing the most effective solution for your specific facility and needs.

TCO Diagnostic uses the most accurate methodology and data sources to improve your total life cycle, hidden cost drivers and expense of execution. It improves performance based on your environment, your systems and your processes.

While the findings from our TCO Diagnostic could save you a significant amount of money, it is currently being offered as a complementary service to you. The process starts with a simple conversation with one of our factory trained representatives.


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