AstroClean LAF


Product Overview
  • Designed for the use in operating theaters
  • As a standard available in RAL 9010 painted steel
  • Leak free construction
  • Eight standard dimensions with a standard height of 450mm
  • Design for airflows ranging from 2.350 up to 12.400 m³/h
  • As a standard designed to include a surgical lamp
  • Also available without surgical lamp socket
  • High efficiency HEPA 14 or ULPA 15 filter efficiency
  • Fulfills NFS 90-351 standard

In terms of air purity, operating theaters are probably the most demanding environments in a hospital. In order to protect patients from the risk of infection from contaminated air during a surgical procedure, the permanent removal of airborne particles using suitable filtration solutions is essential.

Based on many years of experience in the healthcare sector, as well as experience from countless projects for companies operating cleanrooms, AAF knows the requirements for ultra-clean environments and the special challenges in operating theaters with regard to airflow, required filtration efficiency and possible causes of contamination.

Our laminar air flow unit AstroClean LAF was developed for new installations or for retrofitting of existing operating theatres. The housing construction includes a plenum equipped with absolute filters with either H14 or U15 filtration efficiency. The plenum serves as pressure chamber upstream of the terminal absolute filters and includes a sealed central box for the installation of scialytic lights.

AstroClean LAF is a reliable and easy-to-install ceiling filter housing that includes a very simple and reliable filter locking system and a flow diffusion grid which generates an unidirectional airflow across the entire surface of the housing. Specially designed for operating theatres AstroClean LAF meets the requirements of the NFS 90-351 standard.

  • Healthcare
Construction Stainless steel