AstroPure CLASSmate


Product Overview
  • HEPA filtration up to efficiency class H14
  • Long service life of the HEPA filters through effective pre-filtration
  • Developed with an internal variable speed fan (electronically commutated)
  • Classmate locks the sound into the housing and reduces the sound level
  • Easy to install, use and maintain
  • CE-conform, design according to VDI 6022

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is a huge challenge for schools, universities or any other building where people meet and work. The age and overall condition of many of these buildings is one reason for that, as there are limited opportunities to exchange air by ventilation, i.e. through opening windows and doors. Especially in the cold season, this is not possible without serious interference in the daily routine.

The use of air purification systems with efficient HEPA filtration can help here, providing clean air from which all viruses and contaminants are removed.

AstroPure CLASSmate is designed from the basis of a so called Fan Filter Unit and was developed in accordance with the applicable principles and design guidelines that are normally only found in clean rooms, for example in the pharmaceutical industry. This enabled us to work with the best fans on the market in respect to maintenance, energy consumption, robustness, flow and sound level. 

The AstroPure CLASSmate is a totally self-contained stand-alone Recirculation Unit for areas where additional, extra high, filtration performance is needed against any type of contamination including viruses. When required, the unit can be connected to an existing system.

The heart of the unit is AAF’s MEGAcel II filter with eFRM media. Besides HEPA H14 filtration efficiency this filter provides an exceptional low pressure drop leading to low energy cost and very low sound levels. Compared to conventional HEPA filters, it is extremely robust. This makes the filter easy to handle and maintain, even for inexperienced users.

As alternative to the filter with eFRM media, AAF offers traditional glass fibre filters with the same H14 efficiency that create the same air cleanliness . A 65 mm mini pleat media pack that is folded and tested according to EN1822:2019

Most air purifiers are designed to be placed on the floor. The AstroPure CLASSmate is different. The unique air tight design is designed to be installed in the ceiling. This might look evident, but offers unique advantages.

  • Enables ideal positioning in the room without occupying usable area because unit and filter are air tight
  • Modular construction makes other sizes easy to manufacture
  • Impurities are immediately driven downwards to the floor protecting people instantly and more effective than room cleaners that push the impurities upwards
  • Optimized noise-isolating construction in combination with the ceiling mounting ensures an imperceptible, whisper-quiet, operation
  • Optimized and quicker distribution of the cleaned air to the room
  • Protection against improper handling or undesired adjustment of the device settings

Reducing distractions and disruptions are vital in classrooms, libraries, hospital rooms, offices and other environments. At a distance of 1 meter the sound pressure level is at 45 Db (A) @ 0.45 m / s, which is far below a normal conversation. In a standard classroom the distance from the occupant to the CLASSmate can be 2 meters or more. 

Depending on the available ceiling height, the AstroPure CLASSmate can be fully integrated, partially integrated or sub-mounted in the ceiling or upper structure. If there are no mounting frames, the AstroPure CLASSmate can also be installed independently in the ceiling using turnbuckle with a treaded rod. 

Air quality can deteriorate quickly due to intensive use of a room, caused by a multitude of different contaminants such as viruses, bacteria, spores and other fine particles. This is not only reducing human comfort but also increases the risk on possible diseases. 

The fan of the AstroPure CLASSmate generates an airflow within the room, which ensures that potentially contaminated air reaches the AstroPure CLASSmate via an intake duct or ceiling. The risk of inhaling impurities by humans is highly reduced as the airflow with contaminated air moves away from the people unlike room purifiers that are placed in the room.

The MEGAcel II eFRM HEPA filter then cleans the air from harmful particles such as viruses. The cleaned air is released back into the room, completely free from any contaminant.

  • Schools & Universities
  • Hotels & Restaurants
  • Healthcare
  • Commercial Buildings
Height (mm) 442
Weight (kg) 29