VariCel ® HT


Product Overview
  • ISO 16890: ePM10 and ePM1
  • Improves air quality in drying lines
  • Maximum continuous operating temperature of 385 oC
  • Robust, heat resistant aluminized material
  • Silicon free construction

The VariCel HT filter is designed for use in drying ovens. Made of sturdy aluminized steel, this filter has a maximum continuous operating temperature of 385 °C. Aluminized steel is used because it does not spall or flake at elevated temperatures.

To ensure a high integrity construction, this filter’s headers and cell sides are mechanically interlocked. The filter is silicon free. No adhesives, sealants, or glues are used that could degrade at high temperatures, causing structural damage to the filter or affecting the quality of the drying process.

Filter strength is further enhanced by aluminized faceguards and support bars on the leaving sides.

  • Surface Treatment
  • Material Processing
ISO 16890 ePM1 50%, ePM1 65%, ePM10 70%
EN779:2012 M6, F7, F8
Filter depth (mm) 149, 292
Media type Fibre glass
Frame Material Galvanized Steel
Separator Style Aluminium
Recom. final pressure drop 450 Pa
Max. Operating Temperature 385°C